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News / Announcements

                                Ladies Auxiliary Offering ScholarshipThe Ladies Auxiliary is proud to offer a $500 scholarship to a #4969 member's daughter or granddaughter.  Your daughter/granddaughter must be a high school graduating senior with a "B" average or higher.  The applicant must submit a completed application before April 1, 2022.  
Please contact Rosie McGeehan at 732-740-9519 to request an application be emailed to the candidate.
Thank you.
Rosemarie McGeehan
Cell:  732-740-9519

 Knights for CoffeeCOFFEE is a frequently requested item at our Parish Food Pantries, but onenot always readily available.  To help boost the supply a collection drop box has been placed in the entry area of our Council home.Whenever shopping at your favorite grocery store look for "sale prices" on coffee.  Pick up a can or two, and bring them to the Council during regular business hours.So become a Knight for Coffee!  Treat someone less fortunate to a "Cup of Joe!"Pantry Chairman - Paul Zarenkiewicz

Ladies Auxiliary of the Knights of Columbus Council 4969

113 Tennyson Avenue

Toms River, New Jersey 08753

Council # 732-929-9811

Presents Lenten Dinners

Beginning March 4 through April 8, 2022

Every Friday Night    5:00-6:30 pm.

$10.00 Adults $3.00 Children 7-12 under 6 Free

Week One 3/4 Salad, Bread, Linguine with Clams, Baked Penne

Coffee, Tea and Dessert

Week Two 3/11 Salad, Bread, Baked Penne Baked Fish, Cole Slaw

Coffee, Tea and Dessert

Week Three 3/18 Salad, Bread, Baked Penne, Stuffed Shells or Ravioli

Coffee, Tea and Dessert

Week Four 3/25 Salad, Bread, Baked Penne, Baked Fish, Cole Slaw

Coffee, Tea and Dessert

Week Five 4/1 Salad, Bread, Linguine with Clams, Baked Penne

Coffee, Tea and Dessert

Week Six 4/8 Salad, Bread, Baked Penne, Stuffed Shells or Ravioli

Coffee, Tea and Dessert



Take Me Out to the Ballgame

What would you think about joining a group of your council brothers and their families for a night of baseball and a generally good time at the Jersey Shore Blueclaws (formerly known as the Lakewood Blueclaws) stadium? I've been talking to some brothers about a night game in July, whereas April and May still might be a little cool at night, and June has so many commitments with graduations, the June Ball, weddings, etc. There are nine home games in July and I'm sure we can pick one that can work out for most of us.

There are two ways of going about this insofar as planning and purchasing tickets:

A. Seating in the designated picnic area along the first base or third base side, at a cost of $30 each, which includes your ticket and a food buffet, consisting of hot dogs, hamburgers, fire braised chicken, Stouffer's mac & cheese, cole slaw, baked beans, cookies and soft drinks.

B. Seating in a group setting at $12 per person, without food. You are on your own to purchase from the concession stands.

There are no “senior” or children's tickets. All tickets are $12.00 each and this is not intended to be a fund-raiser for the council, as there is no profit to be made.

While July is several months away, I am doing a polling to see which way the majority of us wants to go. Therefore, I am asking you to get back to me with your choice of “A” or “B”, and how many would be in your party. Please call me at 732-600-3657, or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by the end of April so we can plan accordingly. Replying to me does not lock you into buying at this time. We're simply trying to get an approximate number and decide on which tickets you would be interested in purchasing. Looking forward to hearing from you.

John Budenas, PGK


For information on Booking the Council Hall please call

732-929-4969  Ed & Patty Rodreguez

To all Patrons of the Knights of Columbus Bar

While Knights and Guests are at the bar you are required to be courteous to the bar tender and all guests.  Don't berate or give the bar tender a hard time, all bartenders are volunteers.  We all need to respect each other.  If you are at the bar and you see that some one is giving a bartender a hard time we encourage you to please ask the person to respect the bartender without causing embarrassment to the person.  We all need to support our bartenders as they give up their time to help the Club, some times only making a small amount in tips.

Your help in this matter is greatly appreciated